Ethnic Composition of Bosnia-Herzegovina before the war of 1992-1995(?) and Dayton Peace Agreement.

Last updated on Mar 2, 1996 7:25 am EST

Note: the maps below are not the official maps. If you know of a source of the official map, please let me know.

Thanks to Velimir Wittner we now have the following information:
One possible source of official maps is the DOD BosniaLink.

The first map below was made before the Dayton negotiations and illustrates the ethnic distribution in B-H according to the census of 1991. It, to large extent represents the lines of separation of forces at that time.
We have created an "improved" map based on the exhibits at Dr. Perry's news briefing on Dec. 4, 1995. This map also reflects Mission: Peace.
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In 1995, after several months of heavy negotiations and 21 days in Dayton, Ohio the world community has come up with a new map and the related Dayton Peace Agreement (referenced here in Mario Profaca's "Cyberspace Station"). I call this a pain killer for the toothache. It stops the pain temporarily but does not cure the tooth. It is hard to imagine that this strange looking creature (Republika Srpska) can survive (see copies of correspondence RE this subject). It legitimazes the divisions, which most Bosniaks do not want, and ethnically based fiefdoms of criminals.

In addition, serious questions remain unresolved:

An earlier attempt at division was made with an equally ridiculous map.

The first map above is based on the posting in Vladimir Vuksan's collection which in turn was based on a map published in a Croatian newspaper.